FAQ – Leading for Tomorrow

£2,250 per person plus VAT.

The cost includes:

  • Clifton Strengths Assessment and reports with access to learning resources
  • 90 minute one to one strengths feedback session with a certified strengths coach
  • Access to a tailored learning platform containing programme materials and resources
  • Five modules including tailored pre work, a 3.5 hour workshop to explore the module themes and post work to apply the learning back into the workplace
  • 75 minute support and challenge sessions
  • 90 minute webinars on current leadership themes with thought leaders
  • Programme administration and check ins with participants and sponsors

There is also the option for additional one to one coaching during the programme with prices ranging from £325 to £1,950 depending on the package.

The Leading for Tomorrow programme is designed for mid-level managers or those looking to step into a head of department role for the first time.

We know the work environment has changed, and continues to change, as a result of political and social uncertainty, the fusion of work and life and flexible working. The programme supports leaders to develop their confidence around the critical Power Skills that will have the most significant impact on their performance. These include learning to be yourself, authenticity, empathy (for customers and the team), curiosity and flexibility.

It is underpinned by a coaching approach which participants will learn and practice across the 9 months to grow their skills in active listening, observing, questioning and being present so they can confidently engage in conversations back in their organisations. Our coaches model the skills and provide support and challenge to help participants grow their self-awareness, self-direction and personal responsibility.

We stretch participants to step into discomfort and explore their thoughts, feelings, assumptions and beliefs to understand the root causes of why they behave the way they do and what they can do to change it.  Unless we get underneath this, behaviour change won’t happen or stick.

The learning experience in the programme is centered on the in the moment leadership challenges participants are facing, rather than ‘off the shelf’ content and theory. We explore these challenges  and focus on practical tools and solutions based on real life stories to unblock where individuals may be stuck. This makes sure the learning is applied to their work in real time so that it sticks and can be applied again.

We know that new behaviours and habits are developed over time, which is why the learning is spaced across 9 months with multiple experiences to engage participants, in bed their learning back into the workplace and achieve sustained change.  It is supported by a bespoke online platform giving participants the information they need, when they need it as well as access to a wealth of resources.

In bringing together leaders from different organisations, we create a safe space in the busy world of modern work and living for them to pause, reflect, reconnect, re-think and resource and energise themselves. They build a network of peer support outside their own organisations, helping them to look out of their own environments and gain different perspectives that might have been missing.

One of the additional benefits to organisations is we administer the entire programme, which means you don’t have to worry about gathering or sending information because we do it all for you. We also check in with participants and stakeholders at regular intervals to get their feedback so we can make any in the moment adjustments we need to.

Through a bespoke learning platform, participants will have access to the latest leadership ideas, reading, podcasts, videos and exercises to expose them to experts driving best practice. They receive the information they need at the point in time they need it.

Importantly the programme is designed and delivered by experienced coaches and facilitators with diverse experiences across different sectors and cultures who create a safe and supportive environment for participants to stretch themselves to explore and learn together.

The programme runs for 9 months.

The programme is delivered virtually. If an organisation would like to run this content in-house there is an option for face to face delivery.

At the outset of the programme we ask stakeholders and participants to identify the outcomes they are looking for and revisit these outcomes at the middle and end of the programme to see if these have been achieved through observable changes in behaviour and performance. We gather examples of where the learning has been applied back into the organisation together with any tangible metrics (for example, measured shifts in team engagement).

We survey participants at the beginning of the programme to measure where they are now against each of the key skills they will be learning and assess this at the end..

At the end of every module we gather their feedback and track participant engagement through the online platform.

During the group workshops for each module we capture the collective learning and examples of learning application and outcomes. We also capture the patterns and themes when it comes to the challenges being faced by leaders and orgnaisations.  (note: this is not attributed to any individual or organisation to maintain confidentiality).

On completion of the 5 modules participants work together in smaller groups which are put together to reflect the diversity of their organisations, roles and strengths to gather their key learnings and applications. This is captured and presented back to stakeholders.

Post programme we check in with participants quarterly for a period of 12 months to track their ongoing application of the learning. We also continue to track the participants throughout their career journey.

We can also work with you to identify ways to measure the return on investment and support the application of the learning back into your organisation.

You can read some of the feedback about the programme from previous participants here.

As a guide we suggest allowing around 10 hours per month which includes participation in the workshops, webinars, support and challenge groups and completion of pre and post work.

In our experience, what you put into a leadership programme is what you get out. Commitment to participate and do the work involved is an important factor in how successful it will be for each individual and their organisation.

Being part of a leadership programme isn’t for everyone and some will be at the point in their career when they are open and ready for it, whilst others won’t be.

The programme is underpinned by a coaching approach which participants will learn and practice across the 9 months.  Key skills they will learn include:

  • Coaching skills – listening, observing, being present, questioning
  • Self-awareness
  • Growth mindset
  • Leadership style, values and beliefs
  • Letting go of limiting beliefs
  • Their unique strengths and how to apply them effectively
  • Understanding needs, triggers and emotions
  • Building vulnerability
  • Being more curious and less judgmental
  • Managing unconscious biases and preferences
  • Creating psychological safety
  • Developing a diverse and inclusive team
  • Building trust, compassion, stability and hope
  • How to motivate and engage others
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing conditions
  • Strategies to support self-care

Yes. You can discuss this in more detail by getting in touch with Dan Short on 07730 126444 or email daniel@greenacre-consult.com

The programme starts with a launch event on 27th February.

You can apply by following the link below where you will need to:

  1. Complete the personal details form
  2. Complete 4 application form questions
  3. Complete our Equal Opportunities form

Apply Here

If you would like to discuss the programme in more detail you can get in touch with Dan Short on 07730 126444.