To accompany our programme content and masterclasses, we regularly share insights through blog summaries and short collaborative videos from key leaders and influencers across our network, to highlight important leadership learning trends and contribute expertise and knowledge to the greater conversation.

Below you can watch our collaboration contributions from industry leaders and rising industry stars, who share their experiences, insights and advice on our monthly topics.

Beverley Spencer thumbnail

July 2021 – Curious Conversations

In July we heard from Beverley Spencer, Sonia Khera and Barry Allard, who explore what curious conversations we need to be having more of in the workplace, what can sometimes get in our way and what we can do to be having more meaningful conversations with those around us.

Shabana Yousaf

June 2021- Trust

Our June video looked at Leading with Trust, and we heard from Emily-Rae Maxwell, Dillan Blake Smith and Shabana Yousaf, who talk about what it feels like when you have trust, what it feels like when you don't and what are the key things they do in order to build trust around them.

Asif Choudary

May 2021 – Self Awareness

Our theme for May was self-awareness, and we asked Helen Greig, Paula Tuck and Asif Choudary to share how self-awareness has affected them throughout their careers and their personal lives, and how self -wareness has helped them as they have embarked on their career journeys.