Leadership is evolving. To lead effectively across the new work environments, organisations need their people to feel engaged, motivated and challenged. We help the housing sector to grow and develop their leadership talent and realise the potential of their people.

Our approach to behaviour change

At Greenacre Consult we involve stakeholders, peers and learners in planning and evaluating their own learning to make sure we design a programme that’s relevant and achieves value and impactful behaviour change.

The learning experience is centered on solving real in the moment leadership challenges with practical tools and solutions rather than theories. We use the most up to date leadership thinking, real-life stories and a coaching approach to enhance learning. We facilitate groups to work together to solve problems and learn concepts they can practically apply.

We know that to achieve behaviour change that lasts, what you do before and after is just as important as what you do during a workshop. To increase effectiveness, we set relevant pre-work to complete ahead of group workshops and set apply challenges for individuals to take back into their workplaces.

The 9 month programme is delivered through a combination of learning methods supported by an online platform, and includes group sessions and one to one coaching, where participants have the opportunity to explore their strengths and blind spots and how to apply these to support their leadership.


We provide individuals with pre work for each module to complete ahead of a 3 hour workshop. This provides a common foundation of knowledge and prime learning to increase its effectiveness towards behaviour change.


During 3 hour group coaching workshops, individuals explore their current challenges and practice tools and solutions they can adopt and apply back into the workplace.


Individuals are given active and reflective post work set against real life challenges to support the application of their learning back into their working environment.

‘Great programme, well delivered with time to consider. Though provoking. The content is great with lots of chance for discussion and reflection.’

- Participant Feedback

What others say

Leading for Tomorrow™

Programme principles

Planning and evaluating

Participants are involved in planning and evaluating the programme to motivate them to take accountability for their own learning and engage with the sponsors in their organisations on an ongoing basis.

Blend of experiences

A blend of experiences to make the learning process interactive and enjoyable, from a psychometric assessment, one-to-one coaching and individual reflection, to interactive workshops, group support and challenge sessions and webinar series.

Behaviour change

Learning content is spaced to support behaviour change giving individuals the opportunity to digest information, build their knowledge and reflect and apply the skills they have learnt without experiencing cognitive overload.


Learning is primed with relevant pre-work and apply challenges are set for individuals to take back into their workplaces to support shifts in their behaviour. This includes regular interaction with their line manager to set expectations, share learnings and clarify goals

Learning & sharing

Groups are put together from across different organisations, disciplines and strength profiles to enable diversity of thought, knowledge sharing, collective learning and collaboration.

Stretch thinking

Real life stretch thinking examples and stories from within and outside the sector, up to date thinking and a coaching approach are used to enhance learning and provoke stretch thinking.

Practical tools

The learning is linked to the real-life issues and challenges leaders are facing everyday face, with practical tools and approaches they can take to solving them rather than just theories.

Support and challenge

Group Coaching provides an opportunity to practice the skills of support and challenge with each other. It also builds a peer support group where participants communicate with each other between sessions, offering help, support and insights.

Applied knowledge

Participants learn from each other as they share their experiences of applying their learning from the programme back into their workplace and explore the issues they are facing in their role as leaders. 

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