The Leading for Tomorrow programme includes a blend of experiences to make the learning process interactive and enjoyable – from a tailored made learning platform provided access to resources, a psychometric assessment, one-to-one coaching and individual reflection, to interactive group workshops, group project and tailored Masterclasses with industry thought leaders.

Using a personalised learning platform participants will receive:

  • Discover pre work, explore reflections and post work apply challenges to develop and sustain the targeted behaviours for every module
  • Nudges to complete content with deadline dates
  • Nudges in the form of articles to read, videos to watch, Podcasts to listen to, questionnaires, pulse surveys and support guides

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Module 1: It Starts with Self

The programme starts with self-awareness and includes the CliftonStrengths assessment and Manager’s report providing individuals with invaluable data about their strengths – the things they naturally do best – and how these can help them to manage better, meet their goals and improve the success of their team.

After completing the assessment they will have a 90 minute one to one coaching session with a Certified Coach and access to a customised dashboard and further resources and tools to help them learn how to do more of they do best.

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Module 2: Leading with Trust

In this module participants develop an understanding of how they lead alongside their values, strengths and blind spots and how these help or hinder trust building. In an interactive group workshop we explore the concepts of trust and vulnerability and their own relationship to these, identifying where to apply their strengths and the vital behaviours they need to focusing on adjusting.

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Module 3: Curious Conversations

In this module participants learn the key principles of coaching and the benefits of taking a more curious, coach like approach to conversations in the workplace. During a 3 hour interactive workshop with a certified coach, they experience first-hand what curious, coach like conversations feel like and practice running an action learning set as a way to learn from each other. In an additional 90 minute Masterclass, participants will also learn how to have empowering conversations about wellbeing and mental health with a specialist coach.

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Module 4: Leading with Inclusivity

In this module participants continue to build their self-awareness, exploring their own identity and how unintentional behaviours can get in the way of diversity and inclusion. In an interactive group workshop we explore some of the most common biases in the workplace and some of the traps they may be falling into themselves. We look at ways to create inclusive workplaces where people feel safe and that they belong and the benefits of having a diverse team of individuals with different strengths and perspectives

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Module 5: Leading through Uncertainty

In the final module participants reflect on their learnings so far throughout the programme, why they choose to be a leader and their leadership purpose. We explore the 4 needs of followers and how to engage and maintain motivation, trust and focus as they lead people through uncertainty. We look at the importance of wellbeing at work and how to manage energy and resilience through applying strengths, practicing techniques to tap into creativity and diversity of thinking.

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Module 6: Fit for the Future Project

Participants work in groups over a 3-month period, making the most of their diverse strengths, skills and backgrounds to contribute to research which will be presented to stakeholders and published. Taking what they have learned throughout the programme, they are encouraged to look outwards and seek inspiration from their networks from both within and outside the housing sector. During the project phase they are supported by a group of mentors who are subject matter experts across areas including HR and culture, creativity and innovation, asset management, housing strategy, governance, customer experience and sustainability.

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