Our videos explore a variety of topics, interview key people we have collaborated with, and offer advice around the challenges, ideas and concepts related to the leadership development environment.

April 2022 – Strengths

When we understand our strengths, we can spend more time doing what we are good at. For this month's video, Vicki Haverson, Principle Consultant for Greenacre Consult, talks about her own strengths journney, and how recognising her own unique strengths has helped her to understand herself better.

March 2022 – What Leadership Means

This month, we asked Liz Oliver, Safer Homes Director at the Hyde Group & Chair of WISH East, and Lucy Malarkey, Director at Positive About Inclusion & Managing Director of WISH, what leadership means to them.

Dan Short Purpose video thumbnail

February 2022 – Purpose

Understanding our purpose helps us to align our values with our goals. For this month's video, I asked Daniel Short, Barry Forsythe and Vicki Haverson from Greenacre Group what purpose means to them personally, in the context of career development, organisational management and leadership development.

January 2022 – Self Development

This month, Beverley Spencer, Joff Musson Sheila Starr and Deborah Denyer MAC explain why they feel self-development is so important, and what steps they’ll be taking throughout 2022 to support their own self-development.

December 2021 – Reflections

In our last short video of the year, we were joined by Sarah Crone, Giles Parkyn, Eden Bailey (MBA, MInstLM) and Jonathan Skipp, who share with us some of the things they have learnt along their career and personal journeys as they reflect back on 2021, and what they will be taking with them as they head into 2022.

November 2021 – Strengths

Our November monthly leadership theme is Strengths, and this month, Vicki Haverson, Barry Forsythe and Alma Sheren from Greenacre Group shared their insights and experiences surrounding strengths, and how feeding our strengths can help improve our work and other life experiences.

Johnny Lawrence Thumbnail

October 2021 – Wellbeing

Our October monthly theme was Wellbeing in the Workplace, and in this video we hear from Aileen Evans, Group CEO at Grand Union Housing Group, Johnny Lawrence, The Self Development Coach and Halisha Kaur, Senior Regeneration Officer at GreenSquareAccord.

Ellie Hoult thumbnail

September 2021 – Uncertainty

For our September video we were joined by Elly Hoult, Group Director of Assets at Notting Hill Genesis and Joly Babu, Digital Customer Journey Change Manager at Clarion Housing Group, who talk about how they deal with uncertainty, and how they help others through uncertainty.

Steve Hayes thumbnail

August 2021 – Inclusivity

Our August themed video was about Leading with Inclusivity, and we heard from four exceptional housing professionals, Hannah Harvey, Patrick Fleischer-Annang, Steve Hayes and Parris Litchmore-Bell, who talk about what Inclusivity means to them on a personal and professional level.